Recommended Products

Recommended Products

If there’s one thing a lifetime of not-really-ever-being-able-to-get-to-sleep-easily has taught me, it’s how to make sure everything little thing is lined up to getting a good night’s sleep. Sometimes that involves using carefully selected products, and other times products are a complete waste of your time and money.

Each of these pages is for products I personally recommend and most of them I own and use. There’s a whole bunch of crap that you’ll never see on here because I didn’t find it useful (caffeine pills being one memorable experiment that ended in utter disaster – I set an alarm an hour early to take them then ended up sleeping two hours over my main alarm and missed two lectures…)

1. Earplugs

These are the earplugs that I used literally every single night. They are an absolute godsend just at home but are useful when traveling, staying in hotels or whatever.

2. Eye Mask / Sleeping Mask

The second tool that gets used on a very regular basis. Blocking out light is super helpful for helping us sleep, whether that’s naps, lie-ins, traveling or whatever else.

3. Sunrise Alarm

An awesome bit of tech that simulates a sunrise in your bedroom, allowing your body to wake up gradually and naturally and avoid that horrible moment when the alarm clocks jolts you awake.

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